Thursday, April 2, 2009

30, Thriving & Fabulous ^_^

I thought turning 30 would be quite scary... but it turned out not so bad...

My two sisters turned 30 a few years before me and they're still thriving and am I !!!

My 30th BD's celebration was quite simple...
I got to say my motto once the clock turned midnight.

I got to call my parents first thing in the morning.

I got calls, emails & SMSs from my sisters and friends to wish me a happy BD. Some of the friends I met in the States still remembered my BD !

I had my BD flowers


G and I had Mexican good for lunch to celebrate. It's been a while since we left America and have not had Mexican dishes.
Mine was quesadilla (left), his was burrito.


Later we drove to a fruit/veggies indoor market 20 min away from our place. We got plenty of fruit and vegs for tonight and I got some Ume/plum wine to sip later on while watching Germany's Next Top Model ! ^_^


Last but not least, 'we' finally got a gift. It's an internet radio! I say 'we' coz G seemed to be overjoyed..ha..ha..


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lhengnueng said...


ผอมสั่งได้อีกคนนึงและ แถมมื้อเย็นยังจะไม่กินอีก โอย...ทำบ้างง

อ๋อ..ที่ถามเพราะเครื่องนี้นี่เอง รับสัญญาณดีมั้ยออม ลองให้หมดทุกคลื่นทัวโลกนะ ถ้าเวิร์คจะซื้อตาม ฮี่ๆ (พวกชอบก๊อปปี้ก้อเงี๊ยะ)