Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunny Easter & a Cherry tree

Happy Songkran to everyone even though it 's more like 'bloody Songkran.' -(
Things will either get better or back to where it started...

Except for the madness of the political situation in Thailand, my life here in Germany is pretty 'in sync.' We had sunny days for Easter holidays. I managed to go jogging to get the morning sun one morning (only once, that's it)! I enjoyed rolling in my couch watching re-run movies (it's not just me i believe who likes to watch favorite movies more than twice, not once!) ^_^


Susanna (Julius's mother) gave me this flower as a gift. She told me what it's called once in German but i don't remember... If anyone knows, please let me know..


We have this Sakura tree in our garden (although recently the big one in the neighbor's was cut down) and now their blossoms are everywhere ^_^ This cherry tree doesn't give fruit though,too bad.


Last Friday G and I got to meet Sao, her little one, and her partner. We had a good chat over at a Gelato place in the neighborhood. Then we had a pleasant walk (although it was probably a bit boring for Adnan to sit still in the stroller..but he fell asleep at last ^_^)


The rest of the weekend was our 'us' time (sometimes I got my 'me' time in the morning and when G read..ha..ha..). We enjoyed sitting in the sun just like the neighbors' cats who always come round and roll in our garden..(which i have to get rid of some


I also succeeded cooking burrito and it tasted much better than the one at the restaurant we went last time (i am not just saying ..G confirmed).
We also had Greek salad (a cool dish for warm &sunny days) and Turkish delights.


Now I realized before summer comes that I've got to make a list again of things to do from mid April onward.

-Declutter my closet...
-Buy more books for summer read and also try to finish off reading most of the books on the shelf...
-Try to go jogging, power walking or even swimming at least once a week (given my busy work schedule)... but Gosh that morning I jogged the sinus pain was killing me!

The little pumpkin is back..I am excited to see her again ^_^

May we have peace at last...


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เย้ๆ กีฬาสีแห่งชาติจบแล้ว (สนุกกันมากรึไงไม่รู้ เล่นกันอยู่ได้)
ดอกนั้นชื่อ pansy ภาษาเยอรมันไม่รู้อ่ะ จำไม่ได้เหรอ ที่ตอนเราไปเดินในเมืองกัน แล้วนึ้งชี้ให้ดู แล้วนึ้งเรียกมันว่า น้องแพนไง แฮ่ๆ

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