Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer activites...

I finished reading The Host and continued with Holly Would Dream by Karen Quinn. I didn't have high expectations for this book but it turned out surprisingly charming and funny! Although a reader may enjoy the story more, if he/she is a fan of Audrey Hepburn or know anything about movies in the 50s. Anyway it's recommended for chick-lit readers. I am going to get more books from this author as well, although other reviews from Amazon don't seem promising (well, one entertaining book to one doesn't mean it does to the other).

I have also watched many films recently and Jane Austen Book Club turned out to be far from my expectation as well. Oh and the funny series Kitchen Confidential is light to watch. Too bad they only produced one season.

Summer is still here with us in Munich. Besides being a regular at swimming pools, I also find other activities that keep me entertained and cool during this joyful period.

One cannot go through summer without... ice cream/gelato ^^


grilling/BBQ with friends and families....relax and let the grill (and men) cook for us (for once!)


and not to forget trips to fairs and outdoor markets ^^


In less than two weeks we are heading off to the sea again. Looking forward to it ^^


นึ้ง said...

โห..ภาพงาน Dult จะทบรอบใหม่แล้วออมเพิ่งเอามาลง

เสื้อสีขาวตัวนั้นซื้อในเวปใช่ป่าวออม ดูออกแนว boho ดี

Anonymous said...

Thinking of Auer Dult I can't stop thinking of grill fish in a stick. Yeah...lots of BBQ invitation...I love to be a guest but last week it was our turn (I told you about this...remember (me) ? ). So next !!

I love your shoes...even I can't see from these pics. I love the turquoise colour !!

Take care.

LN said...

จริงๆ จักรที่ออมดูในโรสมันน์ ราคากับรุ่นมันก้อใกล้กันกับที่นึ้งซื้ออ่ะแล่ะ
จริงๆถ้าจะซื้อออมให้เกว็นขับรถไปชีโบสาขาใกล้ๆ ก้อได้แล้ว
แต่ถ้าซื้อในโรสมันน์ก้อสะดวกดีไม่ต้องหิ้ว ค่าส่งก้อไม่ต้องเสีย ^^

ว่าแต่เกว็นอยากเย็บซะไง บ้านออมใครเป็นแม่บ้านเนี่ย >_<