Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Day in Autumn


Hey, we're still alive and kicking..


We made a big order of books from and it only took one business day for the process. Ordering books online can be more convenient than buying at a bookshop sometimes (in case your choice is not in store and you have to make an order anyway). These days almost anything can be done in Internet..just one click away. Anyhow, I am still an old-fashion gal who checks out books from libraries from time to time ( you read them once and return and save space on your bookshelves).

September and October are one of those months magazine issues can be full of ads and I love buying them for freebies ^_^

I 've got almost all the exercise DVD freebies from Petra (only one missing this year)

This October is the 30th BD of Vogue (which is the same age as mine!) but i bought the sister In style magazine instead (10th year anniversary) coz i feel like Vogue is for older readers and the other is for the young ones like me..ha..ha..
But how on earth they put Moore on the cover! She's like 100 years old!



September &October in Munich is the time to get drunk. I am one of them. But i don't get drunk by drinking beer....i get drunk by drinking Federweisser...^^

A fruit shop near my place recognizes me well this season as I am their regular customer...
I am not a wine person but except for this German new wine. It tastes fruity and sweet but contains enough alcohol to turn your head upside down.

Well, time for food..gotta go ^^



LN said...

รูปแรกกับรูปสุดท้าย เจ้าของบล็อกเดียวกันรึป่าวคะ?

ไปซื้อไวน์นี้มาลองแล้วล่ะ หวานเจี๊ยบบบบบ

เดี๋ยวจะเริ่มอ่านหนังสือจริงๆ จังๆแล้ว เผื่อจะนิ่ง

Neung said...

โห หนอนหนังสือจริงๆเลยนะออม
บะหมี่รูปสุดท้าย อยากกินๆค่ะ

Pee Jane said...

Belated Congrats !! Surprising we've got married the same month. From your last pic, you got a new hair cut ?? Got the same 10th Instyle. Never read Petra ,good ?