Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dinner with friends/homemade California rolls :)

It's been snowing for over a week now. It's nice to stay in when the weather is like this.
However, for the past few weeks, i didn't seem to be able to to keep myself warm in the house.
There's always a good enough reason to go out, despite the miserable weather ! :)
Recently, we have rearranged our rooms a bit. I've got a new office to work on my whatever I've planned to do (part of my NY's resolution). I am thinking of starting to brush up my French again. Once i know my level and feel more confident speaking it, i may take a course or something.

Last night we had a couple coming over for dinner. Guess who?
It was Nina and her husband :)


Since they had to come all the way from downtown to my place (in the suburb..ha..ha..), I decided to make sushi for them to try. I make the Makisushi quite often but this time i wanted to try California rolls (inside-out rolls). I watched one video from youtube on how to roll sushi, it helped but it didn't turn out exactly like what the chef did. It needs a lot of practice :)
Anyway, i am glad my friends enjoyed our meal though.


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Pee Jane said...

Wow !!! Your selfmade sushi look so yummy !! I am still waiting for your infos about learning French.