Friday, December 11, 2009

Early Xmas gift

For some reason, I got some spam messages from my comment box so now I closed it temporarily.
Any messages for me can be sent to my email, MSN, or Facebook (maybe soon Twitter ..ha..ha..).

Yesterday I went to the city although it was freezing cold and it started to snow. But I kind of like it that it's now snowing. Xmas without snow is boring...white Xmas is romantic ^^

I got an early Xmas gift from G but it was me who chose it ..ha..ha.. I couldn't wait till Xmas so I am wearing it now! Who cares! sooner or later everyone gets to open his/her gift wrap ;-)


Nina came and helped me pick out the watch. We went to have a light meal at Rischart.

If you order a cake and sit there at the cafe&restaurant, they charge 2-3 Euro extra per piece! I still prefer Starbucks afterall.



It's still over a week before Xmas and I only got one gift for G so far.


We'll try to fight the crowd and look for gifts for families and ourselves tomorrow at a shopping mall. Actually it's an excuse for G to have a haircut before the Rome trip ^^