Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Running sushi & Xmas tree

No work = more time to blog ^^

Starting this week with friends' meet-ups. On Monday I had late lunch at Lhengnueng's (still waiting for her pics). On Tuesday I teamed up with three friends for running sushi at Fujikaiten.

The food was not bad. There was a variety of sushi and fried stuff (tempura). I think it's worth it to come for lunch because it's half the price of dinner menu and there's no time limit. It's really 'all you can eat.' ;-)


It was everyone's first time so we were kind of busy eating and I only had a chance to snap a few photos ^^

After two hours of lunch, we headed to a Starbucks nearby to start our crocheting. My Thai friend, Tarn, got a good tutor that day. I hope she'll finish her project soon.
We were sitting there for a while until a German lady came up to us and showed us her crocheted purses. We all went gaga and wanted to start to do a purse too..ha..ha.. (but first of all, i need to finish all of my in-progress hats & scarfs).


Today (Wednesday) I felt a bit tired of going out and just wanted to relax but i ended up cleaning up the apartment and decorating our Xmas tree. It didn't take me long to finish putting up ornaments and I had cheesy Xmas music in the background (that's the highlight of the day). I have to take this chance of being home alone and listening to holiday songs because as soon as G comes home, no more Xmas music! He really can't stand it!


Here's our tree before the lights


And now the lights are on! ^^

I recycled most of our decorating bits and pieces from last year.





None of our (stuffed) friends is left out. ;-)

If you look closely, you can see these little guys hiding (we got them from eating kiddie cheese).


This red elephant is a new member (my Thai friend,Sao, gave it to me from her trip to Thailand)


"We are family, I got all my sisters with me" la la la la...


P.S. My favorite X'mas song so far is 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus' (Jessica Simpson's version ^^)


นึ้ง said...


มีแอบจิกอีกว่ารอรูป งั้นรอต่อไปนะ ยังอยู่ในกล้อง ฮี่ๆ
เก่งนะเนี่ย ถักหมวกอีกใบแล้ว อีกหน่อยก้อเปิดคอร์สสอนได้แล้ว



อุ๊บซ์ ลืมบอกว่า วันพุธหน้านัดกินกันบ้านพี่ปอนด์ ว่างอ่ะป่าว

Kakai said...

ออมบอกหน่อยสิ ว่าร้านที่ไปกินอ่ะหัวละเท่าไร? แล้วก็มีซีฟู้ดมั้ย ? ถ้ามีแล้วดีมั้ย? ถามเยอะไปมั้ย? 55

Oom Munich said...

Lunch buffet (no time limit) is 10,90 Euro ka.
There are Tempura and stir-fried seafood.
Dinner buffet is 19,90 Euro.

I am planning to go for lunch again soon :)