Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

1st January,2010 11:02


Last night (new year's eve) we celebrated the coming new year with just the two of us. Another couple we know in France also chose to spend the night alone too this year (that was my in laws ^^)

We had G's mother's homemade 'foie gras'with toasts for a starter and later we had a bowl of Pad Thai topped with stir-fried chicken with mango sauce (we put the food in a bowl not a plate for the convenient consumption).
We also had some Roobios tea 'Hot Love' I bought just before Ny's eve. It is red tea with mango and chili!
I think today we will try 'Chai Massai'


We watched a French film called 'Coco Avant Chanel' and at midnight we went to our same spot to see the fireworks and greeted our neighbors ^^

As for my 2010 New Year resolutions, I will revisit my last-year ones and try to complete my list.
I think i should focus on one point at a time. When you have a long list, you tend to bail out.
As for my health, I want to be fit again this year. Toward the end of 2009, i kind of lacked discipline. Most of the time I met friends for lunch, coffee, dinner and that resulted in my weight gain...ha..ha..
This year i will try to meet friends for sport (if they ever come to agree ^^) or hobbies that don't involve much cooking and eating !
But again everyone has to eat and enjoy a big meal once in a while.

I hope i can squeeze in my time after work and go back swimming. I am always to0 lazy to pack up my gears. It's also winter so my lazy genes are working like crazy. But I remember the feeling after each exercise, it's rewarding and refreshingly full of energy.