Sunday, February 28, 2010

Long time no blog...


I was hoping i would be able to put some pictures from the Thailand trip on my blog here but my net book doesn't work as fast when it comes with picture-photoscaping.

Plus, i 've been quite busy since i 've returned to Munich. Facebooking friends seems to take most of my time away from the blog space too ^^
I am glad that now my father & my sister have DSL Internet connection at home so i feel like we're connected all the time although since I've come back we have not chatted online yet. But chatting via the computer doesn't replace entirely the old fashion way of communication ;that is 0ur phone conversations. Though i have to admit that i am always lazy to pick up the phone and dial. i find emailing quicker and I can just say what i have in mind just right there and then and just one click away.
Besides my work schedule, i try to keep myself busy with exercise schedule too. Last week my friend and I started to join a pilates class which was a bit intimidating for the first-timers. But we 've agreed that we will try again this week and see if we can catch up with the routine or not. Also we've booked Mondays for step-aerobic class and I am really looking forward to it because i have a step board at home to practice my moves ;-)