Friday, March 12, 2010

Just because I felt like it...


Bangkok 2010
I am sure this is not our best-looking shot but G was also in it with my two sisters. It's rare to get us all together in a photo (since G likes to be a photographer rather than being taken pics of)

After abandoning my blog for quite a while, today i just felt like typing out things that have been bothering me...

The situation in my country is not looking good and we never know when it is going to end. The more we fight against something, the more we lose. People don't let go. It's understandable to not let go when you have billions worth of cash. But if you follow the Buddhist way, it's alone in this world and when you perish, you can't take anything at all (or anyone) with you.

The conflict in my country continues as well as the winter season in Europe. It's already March but we still see the ground covered with snow. I am not complaining so much though because I like cold weather. I like snow. But i don't like lacking of sun. I feel like I am being suffered by SAD. It all comes down to lack of exercise and discipline too.
Today I saw two young girls on the Ubahn. They were having a fun conversation in front of me. What really bothered me? One of the girl looked obese and while chatting with her friend she constantly ate her snacks (God knows what was in that pastry bag!). It was none of my business really...but what i imagined myself doing was telling the girl to slow down on her treat.
Gosh, i am so mean these days.

But hey, i don't always do what I preach. I ate like a horse last night while watching my favorite TV program! And now typing away this non-sense episode of my life, I just finished my big bowl of instant ramen (after swearing all day that today would end with just yogurt)!

People say i don't need to lose weight. Actually i am 85%happy with the way i look but when I lose, I feel in control. I think other women might agree with me..i am not the only one.