Sunday, March 28, 2010

Satisfying My Reading Phase


Bangkok book fair just kicked off and I wish I were there with my sisters cruising aisles of aisles of new /bestselling books. Going to a book fair can be a bit tiring but I still go whenever i get a chance.
Shopping for books is always fun for me and my sisters. Stacking our books on big piles of one another is a normal scene at my house. Given busy schedules, none of us finishes reading our purchases and we keep on buying!
Over a week ago, G picked up one book from a shelf and asked me what it was about. Oh that, a memoir I bought from Amazon weeks go and have not got a chance to dust it and read it. I promised to get to it later but still I have not.


These days I tend to check out books from the library and speedily read them while my membership card is still active. 18 Euro per year 's gotta be worth it!
Anyhow either reading my own purchases or the library ones, I feel like I am satisfying my reading phase just fine. There were times when i didn't even feel like touching a book. But I've made my 2009- resolution and I 'd like to stick to it (read at least one book per month, fiction, non-fiction any kind).


I feel calmer when I read. Since my job is dealing with a kid-- a toddler now to be precise-- reading in my spare time keeps me sane.

This week plenty of spare time is on my way ,thanks to the Easter break. When it's nice outside, I promise myself to bring out my favorite books and enjoy them in the sun. I may also try to find a regular reading spot at a cafe (ourdoor when it's sunny of course) and be engrossed by reading.


Spring is finally coming (if it's not here already!)


I received this basket of flowers as my early BD gift and I hope i will be able to keep them survive past Easter ^^