Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring is Here in Munich ^^


While I 've been away from my blog, my life has continued on as usual. It's seen my 31st birthday, Easter holidays, and warm spring days ( and a lot more to come).

My husband made this mock-up poster for me on my BD. It's sort of funny ;-)


We went for a Bavarian dinner and had a big pork meal (what else?). I have not decided yet what a birthday gift i want from him this year. I am thinking or two culinary books. He's thinking..a camera ( digital professional ones that other people are crazy about and they seem to be 'in' at the moment). I said..go ahead if he will use it. I don't care much about this item because I take fewer pictures these days. When I blogged more often in the past, I took every single thing that moved..ha..ha..
Now, not so much.
The other day I visited one of my favorite food blogs (that i had not checked out for a while and found out she stopped blogging)
I quote what she wrote that was kind of funny but realistic "...The husband will be able to eat food that doesn’t need to be photographed first and the cats will have more of my attention. And of course I’ll still be enjoying my food!..."
I applause to her for making this decision. Sometimes blogging really takes a lot of time from people's life. I for once experienced it. Now I blog less and get times to smell the roses ^^

Spring is actually here in Munich and I've started to bring out my flowery summer outfits I've bought.


What makes a girl happy is redoing her closet, isn't it? ;-)

I 've also started to collect spring/light scarfs. One of my friends is crazy about them. At the beginning I didn't pay much attention but after I bought one and then came the second one I have to stop at every shop that carries them..ha..ha..
I think it's like some women that shop for shoes and can't just stop..
But for me i have a limit for everything...i think..

Reading mode:


Yesterday, I just finished the 5th of the Undead series. It was a bummer this one, kind of boring and no new interesting plots!! But regardless, I will continue the 6th today and the review from Amazon does not look so bad. The 9th is coming out this June and i am not sure if it will stop at that..

A book i've read recently and would like to recommend is She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb.

Till next blog..XOXO

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