Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Beloved Enemy


Sunny days bring joy and fun and a few more pounds!! Iced coffee is becoming part of my life again.
The feeling when the caffeine kicks in is so hard to describe. It brings you so much energy before you feel deflated a couple of hours later.
After a long morning playing tug of war with the little one, I find a pleasure by winding down at my favorite Starbucks, usually just to get a take-out when on duty. I never place a low-fat milk order and am not really sure if Starbucks here in Munich even carry low-fat milk. My usual is Iced Caramel Macchiato. I used to be a fan of a Flappuchino but not anymore since I can't resist saying yes to a whip cream topping that comes with it!
Sadly ICM is becoming my beloved enemy. With such amount of sugar and caramel, I also suffer a side effect after one or two hours of my consumption..that is 'binge eating.' I always see paparazzi shots of celebrities often holding either iced tea or iced coffee. I thought to myself..hey maybe that's their secret of diet. But maybe that cup of coffee is all they consume all day! I can't just have that cup of Joe and be done with it..why is that???

Now i am firing away on my blog with a cup in my hand. I know in just an hour I won't feel such elated like this. So I'd better get myself going..putting on my jogging shoes and enjoy the sun.

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