Sunday, February 8, 2009

Reading : Time for my 'me' time :)


After a week-long vacation, i am getting back to my books now.
Oh, there are just so many on my to-read list at the moment and I need to catch up
with them.
Sometimes I blame the Internet for taking most of my free time from reading! But there's so much to read/browse online too.
As from now till March i have quite a bit of spare time to check off the list of my New Year's Resolution. Then I probably have to squeeze in some time off after work to do all those things.
Well, let's see,
-reducing coffee consumption: checked
-reading at least one book a month : checked
-having spa time: almost checked (this week I'll manage!)
-practicing pilates at least twice a week: checked


Jane said...

Agree with you !!! I 've been trying to reduce my online time but still there are a lot of interesting stories in internet. BTW, I am also living in Munich. Where do you normally do your SPA ? I just know that BLUE SPA is quite nice but still I think it 's a bit expensive.Have a nice day.

Jane said...

Yea, we should meet.(Actaully, yesterday I was also in the city.)Next week I can't bcoz my hubby 's car will be changed the windscreen. So he will take mine to go to work. And I am too lazy to go by s-bahn. So let 's fix up the date later. Are you a 'Gossip girl' fan ? (I am a desperate housewives'fan.) Having rabbit as a pet...ha..ha..we having them as our kids. (We don't want to have kids. So having rabbits as kids is as good as real kids..ha..ha.)
Take care !!!